March 18, 2008


Rabbitch just left me a comment. How to reply? Do I try to be witty? Should I just be short and sweet? Is it possible I am more concerned with this reply than I was about any date in college including the multiple dates with my then-future-husband? Yes. Dear Knitting Gods, I might be freaking out. Remain Calm TURBOchic. You can do this. Although, this is almost on par with the time the Yarn Harlot replied to one of my comments on her blog. Almost.

Sorry, Rabbitch. You haven't entered the level of geekdom in my heart that the Yarn Harlot did when she wrote about the unholy passion (for her bohus) that burns brighter than a thousand glowing afterburners on Colonial Raptors. When you can knit and make a complete and totally serious geek comparison, then you will earn a little piece of my heart.

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