March 13, 2008

FO Thursday

Hemlock Blanket (unblocked)

I promised myself Sunday night while on round 107 that I would BO this blanket on Wednesday. Last night at 30 minutes before midnight, I bound off the remaining stitch. I must admit binding off 7 stitches for every 4 you pick up is kind of anti-climatic. Your always much farther behind than where you think you should be. I recommend watching many, many movies back to back in order to make much progress on this blanket. I watched all four movies in the Tremors series (II, III, and IV). Don't ask me why, but every time I picked up my size ten circs with the 5 foot cable and began to knit on that indecipherable mass, I began to have images of giant worms zooming around underground go through my brain. Dialog would just pour from my lips, "That's how they git you. They're under the godd@mned ground!" (Although, my favorite repertoire is "What kind of fuse is that?" "Cannon fuse." "What the hell do you use it for?" "My cannon!" HA! Because you know everyone has a cannon for fun on the weekends.)

Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket (ravelry) by Jared Flood. Make sure you also get his additional chart to expand the original doily pattern
Needles: size ten Options interchangeable circs with 60" cable.
Yarn: The recommended Cascade Ecowool, 2 hanks. Only $15.50 plus tax, so it is relatively cheap to knit up for a blanket.
Mods: I changed needle sizes (from 10 to 11) during the bind off because I tend to BO rather tightly. Other than that Jared's done all the work for me!

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Virtuous said...

You cranked thru that ring!!

Great job woman!