February 11, 2008

Note to self:

This is actually the progress as of last Wednesday...

...and this is the progress as of Sunday. Work on these socks has been in spurts, but I am not pressuring myself to complete them is some sort of race.

I really enjoy this pattern, but I honestly think it would look better in a solid or at least a semi-solid color. Seeing as I don't have any solid or semi solid socks yarns, this will have to do. *Note to self: Get some really great sock yarn for my birthday. end note.* Pictured the toe looks a little wonky, but it fits great on the foot. It's an interesting decrease setup were instead of ssk/k2tog at each end, I was purling 2 knit stitches together in the middle and at the far end of the needles. I started with 65 stitches and ended with 8 stitches. Through these final stitches I simply pulled a threaded the tail through and wove in my ends! This made a kind of swirling pattern and decrease which was rather comfortable on the toesies. No grafting here, baby! Take a memo if you don't like grafting and you knit down to the toe; this pattern is for you!

And just for Turtlegirl, here is a craptacular modeled shot.

Also in the news, the hubby has not stopped wearing the weasley sweater since it was given to him. It seems that neither of us knew he would like a wool sweater so much. I don't have to tell y'all how much this makes me very, very, VERY happy do I? *Note to self: get more wool to knit hubby another sweater.*

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turtlegirl76 said...

Why thank you. I appreciate the consideration. =P

I think I can arrange for some yummy solid sock yarn for your birthday when you get here.