February 12, 2008

Following the yellow brick road*

As I have mentioned the Hubby needs another sweater, so that I may bask in the approval of constant wearing. So after narrowing down the choices for his selection, he picked Cobblestone. Alright, alright. You all know what this sweater looks like. I really just wanted to post this handsome model on my blog. So, I've battened down the hatches and bought the supplies to knit it:

I've already bought the pattern, printed it up in color and slipped it into its page protector. That way I can carry it around without damaging it or spilling things on it. I am a nerd. Moving on. I want to point out, that if you plan on buying any single patterns from IK, this one was just 50 cents shy of the cost for one issue of a subscription. If you plan on buying more than one pattern, you might as well as fork over for the whole year's worth. I'm sure that you can find at least ONE thing per issue you like, if not more. I prolly should got a subcription because I'm already half way into my own advice. If you already have a subscription, because unlike me you not a nerd and are cool enough to be on top of the trends instead of behind them, ignore that advice and just continue reading.

I purchased my yarn in color way "oregano" on Saturday night. Since then, I've checked the tracking on my yarn about a billion times. It shipped the 11th. Twenty four hours is just way too long to wait, so I am plotting ways that I can hound my local USPS mailman into speeding up it's delivery. Because I'm sure he has, like total control over that whole time-space continuum, ya know?
I guarantee this yarn will be the scratchiest yarn there ever was. I guarantee I will have to buy stock in Mary Kay due to all the S@tin H@nds repairs I am going to have to do on my hands. I also guarantee that I am one of the few people in the world who will have knit this sweater for less than $40.00 including shipping. Therefore guaranteeing that I will curse myself for being so prideful in the first place.

All that being said, I absolutely can not wait to cast on for this, because I know that my Hubby will look even more delicious in this sweater than any stupid model. Pass the salt please!

*Get it? Cobblestone? Yellow Brick Road? eh? *waves hands through air* Aww, shuddyup. I thought it was funny.


Hockey Mom said...

It's up next in my queue for my hubby! I've decided to see if I can spin enough shetland for it.

I 'spect I'll be buying yarn before too long! Heh.

Yellow brick road! HAHAHAHAHA

J.P. said...

Yay! You are drinking the Cobblestone Kool Aid while cruising down the yellow brick road! Woo hoo!