January 30, 2008


Has anybody perused the sneak peek for the Spring 08 IK? I generally like one or two patterns, but not enough to really buy a subscription you know? I'm kinda dizzy from how much this issue has me in the musthaves, if you know what I mean. And I think you do, Jen.

I can so see myself in the sylph cardigan, because well, slyph is a nice way of saying I am shaped like a coat hanger (read: no boobs) and I could use some flouncy ruffle to give me some curves.

The Alieta Shell would be the perfect thing to wear at work while I wage in a temperature war with the menopausal woman I share a thermostat with. I think she is trying to make me the first ever human popsicle. What I really want to say is, "Woman, the gage is in my office. Go suck on a ice cube!" but since I am not the human popsicle an am actually the human-weenie-who-avoids-confrontation-at-work -and-instead-is just-snipey I just lock my office door so she can't come in. I digress...

It's quite possibly the first time a knitted skirt has caught my eye, but the Linen Trumpet Skirt has me at full attention. Once again, the totally feminine-ness (?) of this design might make it worthwhile to knit with linen yarn. BTW, that model kinda reminds me of Julianne Moore and she's definitely in my list of women to imitate clothes and all.

And although it's not for me, I would love to knit up A Good Stripe Dress on day. Nevermind that it would take me about a million years of knitting and a lifetime of movie watching to get it done.


There has been progress on the Rusted Root front. I watch A Midsummer's Nights Dream and lets just say a girl can forget how long she has been knitting when there is naked Christian Bale chest on the screen. I added 4 inches...


I am also in the works of planning my very own birthday bash which will involve a road trip to see friends, yarn and good alcohol. My birthday is a month away, but we might as well get things started right. Leave me a comment about what really makes a birthday celebrated by midnight on Friday. I will pick a winner a skien of sock yarn (enough for a pair) by WhiteWillow in colorway Campfire Girl.

It's about time I had a contest!


Hockey Mom said...

We-yull - what makes a birthday celebrated is that when you wake up the next morning - you remember EVERYTHING and it all makes you smile.

Sorry about the menopausal woman, just know she can't help herself - it's the hormones! (Yeah, I'm so there.)

ikkinlala said...

What really makes a birthday celebrated (for me) is the family birthday dinner. For the past few years, mine has been more than a month after my actual birthday - which is okay with me. I like to stretch it out.

Friends, yarn, and alcohol sounds like a good combination, too. I hope you have a great time!

elizabeth said...

I don't feel like it's my birthday until I've heard my mom tell me happy birthday!

Can't wait to see RR!