November 12, 2007

Socks of Many Colors

Do not adjust the color on your monitors. My left foot really is three shades of green. From the cuff up I have 'Lime' from WhiteWillow, brilliant green millends from Koigu, and some Kool-Aid dyed 85%/15% wool and nylon blend from shhhh*knitpicks*shhhhh. This was my first time knitting with Koigu. It knitted up really nicely and has a wonderful textured feel on the bottom of my foot. I am going to try knitting with it again sometime. This was also my first time dyeing yarn. It was too fun! I can definitely see more of that in my future, but don't worry WhiteWillow, I still love your colors best. I'll have a show and tell ready for y'all for later in the week on my dyeing skills.

And now onto the real news, Noob (who needs a better internet screen name) emailed me her progress on her sock! She has been working really hard on it in her spare time, though she doesn't get much spare time. Hmmmm, maybe I should introduce her to musical movies...she would have plenty of time to knit then!

Remember this is only her second project EVER and she's using her SAFF purchases. I think it's turning out great. We picked out a 100% merino wool yarn for her to use, so it should be very nice on the hands and fingers. How is it Noob? You likey?

She's getting a little stripey action with 2 rows of blue for every 2 rows of red/brown. It's very pleasing to look at, so it makes me wonder what nerves of steel she must have. I mean, if I were knitting this and the colors where shifting around on me I wouldn't be able to sleep at night until I had knitted the whole durned sock and seen where those colors were going.

Everybody give her lots of props to keep her encouraged, because I seriously need a knitting buddy. Oh, and because she's doing fantastically.


elizabeth said...

I love the tri-colored sock! And Noob - keep it up! Once you have a pair of handknit socks on your'll never go back.

turtlegirl76 said...

The sock is looking great! Noob is a talented one. You have done well, Sensei.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Master. I shall continue. In fact, I think I might go knit some right now. But I have to tell ya'll the best part of Jen being a professor of knitting, she actually thought I would be to the heal by now. HA, I am not called Noob for nothin'. Thanks for the encouragement!!!


evilsciencechick said...

yay noob! pretty soon, you will no longer be a noob! rather, you will initiate!!!