November 3, 2007

PoPo's Famous! (again.)

So there I am doing my worker bee thing, posting pictures up on my ravelry account, when I get a message. (Actually, I got several about my knitted swiffer pad. You like me you really like me! But more about that later.) This message is from Corimarti, who is someone I don't know, err, a volunteer editor at Ravelry, asking me if PoPo can become the icon for the Puppy Panache pattern.

PoPo, who is used to the Paparazzi was noncommittal, but I being a simple unknown thought it was fantastic!

Now onto the the Swiffer pad. I've had a lot of emails about it so I am posting what I like to refer to as my Zimmerman directions below. (One day I will figure out how to load pdfs...)

Just cast on 45 sts for the Ballband Dish Cloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting (or any slip stitch pattern) and knit until slightly wider than your swiffer. Bind off. If you don't have the book, borrow it from the library. That's what I did. If your anal retentive enough to want it to cover every INCH of you 'mop,' I would recommend adding an extra repeat or two of the 6 st pattern. Mine shrank a little after I washed and dried (on high) my pad. They will stretch back out after a few tugs, but costing me only 1.63 a ball (two balls required) and getting at least 3 pads, I could care less.

Next, pick up 6 stitches and make two inch long tabs for each corner on each side. Four tabs total. I put mine between the first two slip stitches about one inch from each end. I discovered later that you can leave your 6 tab stitches on a holder while binding off and use those as your "pick up" stitches for the tabs. If you want to avoid the pain of weaving ends in, you can make the pad wide enough to plug directly into grasping holes.

It's instant gratification in one afternoon! Enjoy your cheap swiffer pads!

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