October 9, 2007

I got nothing...

...Literally. Nothing.

1. I am waiting on getting my yarn from Whitewillow (not her fault-I requested a special dye job). And now it's all I can do each day to not go over to her shop to see if she's posted my yarn yet. And while I'm there I drool over all the other yarns I should buy:
Namely, Campfire Girl

and Pumpkin Pie. Don't ask me why I torture myself like this-she told me it would be mid-month before it was ready and she normally emails me when it is anyway.

2. The needles I thought I was getting last week from my LYS still haven't come in, so I ordered them off of ebay today. Only $11.50 including shipping from Hong Kong! I feel traitorous not getting them from the shop when I said I would, but they weren't real specific on when the needles would come in (or even if they had been ordered). I'm on a dead line here people, and I only have the sleeves and collar left. I need those needles NOW! Also, my hands are killing me. Perhaps I should just give up on trying to find a LYS and stick to my VYSs (Virtual Yarn Shops). I could shop naked if I wanted to and I would still get fantastic service. Not that I do or anything....

3. After knitting four 2-inch long tabs per pad and weaving in all those ends on just the third of five swiffer pads, I am beginning to see the flaw in my brilliant plan. I have machine washed and machine dried the first pad and it held up just fine. Goody.

4. Flipping through paging after page of pattern after pattern, book after book, searching for the perfect sock pattern to take with me in the car for my trip to Charleston this coming weekend and coming to no good decisions. I am using the "leftovers" from my HUGE skeins from my favorite etsy seller, so I can instantly rule out 'takes too much yarn', 'takes too little yarn', 'too busy', 'not flattering to the coloring', and 'done it before.' Although, I admit the last argument is also on the 'in favor for' side, because I'll know what I'm doing. I would love to use my new colors and finally be able to make myself some monkey socks, but I can't. See number 1 for my own dumb@$$ary.

5. SAFF Cardigan: see number 2.

So there you have it. I got nada!

p.s. All the yarn pictures you have seen from the etsy seller I have been raving about the past few posts are directly from her etsy page. Thanks Brooke!

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elizabeth said...

Sounds like you might need to cast on for a new project! Just for the trip, you know.

Don't feel too guilty about not having a LYS you frequent. I rarely go to mine, just if there's a needle emergency or a big sale.

Can't wait to see your finished cardi!