August 4, 2007

Rated R: for graphic violence and language

The socks got the better of me last night. I kept knitting round after round, but never seemed to get any closer to turning the heel, so I decided to put the sock away for now *gasp* I know it shocked me too. I thought I would be wearing those socks tonight.

Instead, I turned to another batch of yarn ordered from Knitpicks. (Ignore for now that I am desiring a quick bulky knit jacket that looks like it came from a 1980's free Red Heart pattern booklet.)

6 skeins of Spinnaker (cotton) and 2 skeins of dye-able Bare (sock yarn).

It took Knitpicks over a week (eight days) to get here for the fourth time. Being as it was cheap yarn (well not really, I had to order almost $50 worth to get free craptaular shipping), I was understanding of the delay. Not happy about it mind you, actually I was quite peeved, but still understanding. I became a little more than peeved--f#cking pissed off actually, when I tried to unwind the skein onto a ball winder this happened:

The 30 minute hissy fit that occurred as I literally pitched this tangle of crap across the kitchen and the stream of obscenities that left my lips, including but not limited to piece of sh!t, smelly muppet pelts, sorry @ssholes, b@st@rds, and my personal favorite F#cktards. It took me two very stiff drinks (and by drinks I mean half a glass of triple sec and the other half OJ) and a three hour nap to relax from the tangled mess that was a result of a badly twisted skein. Would you believe that I had to hand wind this into a ball just to use the freaking ball winder?! This my friends is unacceptable.

I have a small budget for yarn once a month (very small), so I look for yarn sales and discount stores. A $8.00 + tax skein of yarn for a pair of booties is within that budget, but 10 or more of those skeins for a sweater isn't realistic. There's just no way I can afford designer yarn for an item that covers my torso or has sleeves. That's not to say that I am unwilling to pay for quality yarn or good service. I love supporting my favorite etsy seller, who by the way can get a skein out to me as quickly as two days-if it's already dyed- and custom dyes me yarn at no additional cost. I just don't have a large income, ergo I don't have excessive amounts of money to chuck at my yarn habit. Allowing for that, if I was paid my hourly wage for the time I spent picking through that heap, I could have afforded to knit myself a dress in seasilk.

My knitterly rights have been violated and I am unwilling to stand for anymore. I think that I am a reasonable knitter. Cheap yarn is one thing, but repeatedly bad service is another. The slower than snail shit shipping each time, the knot I came across in one of the skeins (also not the first time), incorrect charges (not this time hallelujah) and the fact that my COTTON yarn smelled like alpaca ass (for the second time) are the equivalent or barbed wire shoved up my butt and pulled back out again. Sorry Knitpicks! You just lost yourself another customer. I am not even willing to complain and whine for my money back. I just want you out of my life.

I know that Shitpicks is ROTFL at any sap willing to buy their yarn.

Has anyone else been this dissatisfied Knitpicks or another yarn supplier? I live in a LYS void and am looking for a new online yarn shop, or a store that also sells online, preferably with reasonably priced selection. Does anyone know of a store that they'd like to recommend? I'd love to try them out. In fact, if I like the store you recommend, I'll love to return the favor and buy you a little sock yarn thank-you.***FYI: It'll be a while before I purchase yarn again, but you will get it.***

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Faith said...

I love your valiant effort at censoring your language, only to give up and throw a couple of shits in later in your post.

I have a friend who crochets, and she doesn't have much yarn selection either. She's been unraveling old sweaters to get new yarn, and she blogged about it here, if you're interested.