July 25, 2007


What in a person drives them to create? Even, though I minored in psychology while I was in college and tried to take as many courses as I could fit under my graduate degree, I still don't know. And I don't care. I just hope it never stops.
The urge to plant and grown things, be they for asthetic value or edible, arrives with the spring every year and I daren't resist. And should they be edible, the need to east them up fresh or package them up and save them for later only refuels my need to plant again and in greater numbers next spring.

This is only one half the cukes pickled.
(Not pictured are the dried tomatoes and canned corn relish.)

The thrill that runs down my spinal after turning the heel on a sock never ends. The halfway point is reached BABY!

Check it out my first short row heel!

The feeling of accomplishment that comes from creating a whole meal or just one dish, and seeing it gooble down by many mouths, especially when you've gone the extra mile and used the homegrown zucchini you got from your neighbor.

Zucchini Bread in the front and Banana Nut Bread in the Back

Sense of finality when you are able to join seams, make yarn tails disappear and sew on the final button that floods my fingertips at the end of garment.

But lets not get crazy. After all that I just want to throw it across the room and smile with satisfaction as it lays crumpled in heap on the floor. And you can bet I won't be scrubbing any dirty dishes.

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Faith said...

Isn't creativity grand? I love how it can come out in so many different ways. Your pickles look great, but your banana nut and zucchini breads are making my tummy growl. :o)