June 17, 2007

Yarn Alert!

I've only knitted two pair of socks and I can literally feel my need for more knitted socks growing.

It prolly didn't help that when I handed the Mother's Day Socks over to Mom they went immediately to her feet. Never having given away my painstakingly hand knitted items, I didn't realize that it would feel so.....good! As much as I enjoy wearing my own knitted socks, I really want to knit more requested items. Notice I said requested items. I don't believe that my ego would be able to handle gift knitting if the recipient gave a lukewarm response. I'm not asking for jumping up and down with joy, shouting and hugs or even a happy exclamation. I just want the person the gift was intended for to immediately admire it on their body, like there are no other socks/sweater/blankets in the world. I want my gifts to be USED...

...mainly by me. So, I am knitting my next pair of 'Lime' socks (which I agree is a fabulous color, Franklin) in the lacy Hedera pattern. As the pattern description says, if the sock bug hasn't got you maybe the lace bug will. I love to look at lace, sometimes the shawls y'all knit are A-maz-ING, but I really have no use for a shawl.

I'm just not a shawl person, but I am a sock person. They are the ultimate knitted object. You only need one skein, or rather a small amount of yarn. It comes in pretty colors. Also, socks knit up fast and there are so many Cookie A. designs to be knitted...This is why knitters stock pile sock yarn.

Now, I must go feed my growing sock yarn stash with the two more skeins from Whitewillow that I've already told ya about!

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