April 2, 2007

Lost: My Knitting Mojo

I always carry around my bag of knitting just in case I have to wait for more than three seconds. I'm pretty impatient and knitting makes me a more manageable person. You could say that I knit for the sake of others. But recently, when I waiting, or even at home with time to myself, I find myself looking in the bag and not being real interested in whats in it. I find myself perusing Destash and other yarn suppliers without being real attracted to anything. I flip through my knitting books and nothing sparks my ignition. In short, I feel like Austin Powers in The Spy who Shagged Me. Some Dr. Evil's come along and stolen my knitting mojo. [insert evil laughter]

Unfortunately for Dr. Evil, there are clues** as to her identity.

First clue: Blue sunny sky with a hint of rain.
Second clue: Plants. Many, many plants.

Artemisia "Silver Mound" (i.e. wormwood)

Coral bells "Marmalade," "Venus" and "Amethyst Mist"


Spotted Dead Nettle, i.e. Lamium "Anne Greenaway"
Pink Splash

Third clue: My Mother's help doing this:

and two of these:

Fourth clue: The spring weather continues to tempt me into doing things out of doors. We're not done yet! Still more plants to go, including pink ruffle azaleas, a Yoshino Cherry tree and a Crepe Myrtle! (all photo credits go to those who's website are hyperlinked.)

As long as this wonderful spring weather keeps up, I may never knit again!

**These pictures are HIGH resolution and are not compressed. They may take a while to upload, especially on slower connections.

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