March 27, 2007

Why I Have not been blogging

1. The gorgeous weather this weekend. Highs in the upper 70's, lows in the 40's. It's perfect weather to knit little things out on your porch...

2. which I did. My little things may have included finishing off my lace scarf to wear this Saturday to my Sorority's Formal. Alumni come free and what better way to rewear all those bridesmaids dresses while showing off my hand knits. The hubby picked this dress for me to wear, because "its not scratchy." For those of you who don't speak male, that means it doesn't have anything fun on it. No beads, no sequins, not glitter. Poop. The good news is that after I completed the first end of my scarf , I realized that it would perfectly match La's yarn.

For some reason D@vid's Brid@l pictures the color 'wine' on their site as purple and the color 'apple,' shown on the model, (which in reality is a true red-I used it at my wedding) as closer to the burgandy of the actual wine dress. The picture on the right is a picture of the fabric of the dress I own.

3. I was blocking the above lace scarf. The tool box is there to keep the fabric on the ironing board from pulling up off the edges.

4. I was having too much fun starting on another fair isle project. My substitute yarn all purchased online from this store was perfectly gauged. Though, it is a little brighter than the yarns pictured in the DB book. However, I recently learned my lesson about trusting the photograph, so I'm willing to live with the differences.

5. And there's always the Weasley sweater that needs working on. Only 107 days 'til the movie and 115 until the next book!

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flwrhead said...

Your scarf looks great! It'll look great with the dress and you'll be able to take credit for all the compliments you receive!