March 22, 2007


The mail doesn't come until around 5 and I wasn't home until around 7:30. The hubby didn't notice the USPS BOX on out top step for some reason, even though its the only way to get to the front door. So, the first picture is the first picture I have of the yarn was taken at night. It has a better setting than most pictures I take. Nice buttery walls with warm brown tones to compliment it and the neutral white door on the side.
But frankly, my favorite picture is this one. Not only because it was taken in natural light, but for several other reasons. Number one: In the bottom left corner there is a Maya slinking into the shot, something I was completely unaware of until after I cropped the pic. Number Two: The top of the picture has my favorite, but completely unethical bumper sticker, which reads "I love animals-- They're delicious." Someday at a later time we'll discuss my dislike for PETA (not to be confused with my support for humane animals care). Thirdly, I love the fact that I moved the top of my brava trunk on top of our old dryer, which needs to be thrown out, to take the shot, but the motor old for the lawn mower and a few leaves of my not-quite-dead-yet Calla lily are still in there. I have so become my surroundings. I am originally, from the suburbs of Atlanta, and I now live in the sticks. It shows.

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