March 12, 2007

More Feet of Cuteness!

PoPo was feeling a little left out. Just because she doesn't have jellybean paw pads, doesn't mena her feet are not cute. She has four white feet. That's 16 white toes! (I'm not count dew claws here people, because they are oviously not white. And yes, those toe nails are trimmed. Girl's got some long nail beds.

You don't think those footsies are adorable? That's because you haven't seen her do this....

See?! I told you there were prosh! Stay tuned for real knitting entries. I'm sitting on some good ones. (And one about the lawn.)


La said...

oh, she's adorable, and what cute doggy feet!

Jen said...

PoPo thanks you! Woof!