March 12, 2007

Calling all NERDs to HELP!

Y'all I know you have been staring at the wonkiness that is my sidebar for month. Or rather the this-is-supposed-to -be-the-side-bar-and-
sometimes-it's-here-and-sometimes-its-at-the-end-of-the-page. I was editting (and I use that term loosely) the HTML script to center the contents and change some of the headers, when IT happened. Somehow, the 'linkadink' section became wider and all the sections below it with it. I have tried copying the headers from titles above it and renaming them, but to no avail. I hunted for backups and copy cut pasted, but they all failed. I blinked my eyes and nodded my head, but it stayed the same. I actually tried to copy/paste the code into frontpage, but that was a mess I would not touch with a ten foot pole and six drinks into a 12-pack.

I admit it, I am defeated. My knowledge of scripting, code or whatever the hell it is called is about this much --> [ ]. Someone view the page source and tell me what the matter is, please. Blogger and it's seemingly easy templates has kicked my ass. And while your at it tell me how to widen the friggin' blog area without killing everything. I won't even ask how to get the set up I really want (which is the duel sidebar effect with super cool header across the top). I promise.

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