December 28, 2006

Picture Parade

First off, I thought the old button was a little blah, so I am updating it with a new picture. Also, it seemed appropriate to begin today's post with a little something for y'all. (You'll have to get it off the side bar first, as I have not figured out how to upload buttons onto Blogger, without posting them as pictures first.) Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone's holidays were festively filled with family, fun and food. (Sorry, I couldn't let that one slip by.) In two days, My husband and I managed to visit 3 families, 5 houses and spend 8 hours in the car. Basically, we saw everyone, everywhere, all the time and though it was a lot of work we thoroughly enjoyed it. Not to mention the fact, that we are still the youngest children in the family so we made out like bandits. I am putting off having children, because it cuts into my Christmas gifts--not really, but it's quite possibly so.

In light of that little fact, I was super excited to finally be allowed to wear my new leather jacket. And to recieve not one of the books I picked out, but all five. You read that right. Five.

It seems that my husband suprised me with a book off my Amazon wishlist. 50 Baby Booties to Knit, by Zoe Mellor. I am really happy with the constuction of the booties. Yes, I have already started one finished one pair, in addition to the three other pairs I started. It was quite simple and awfully cute. I just need the right buttons to close the strap.

I completed one cabled sock also, and am not real thrilled with the construction of the socks, I had to pick up a total of fourty stitches on either side of the top to construct the sides and sole of the sock. Picking up stitched is normally not a problem, because the pattern my mother gave me, which was the only one I used for a long time, does the exact same thing. However, the cables along the top part of the sock twist the seam to one side of the ankle and diagonally under the foot. Seaming is not my favorite of activities, unless it it clearly spelled out what kind of seam to use, like mattress stitch, or gives anymore directions other than "Join leg seam." Also, the completed seam left the sock kind of boxy, which was very unattractive with the cabled leg.

Overall, I have enjoyed the construction and ease of knitting these booties. She does "reuse" some of the patterns so it's more like 35 booties, but I like to have a view variations in front of me to build upon. Also, she tends to use name brand yarns, like Rowan, and Jaegar, so you may need to substitute. I, myself tend to just get a very cheap and soft machine washable yarn, because these things are only going to get worn 3 months at most and pooped on countless times, I'm sure. I just can't justify spending $10.00 on yarn for one two-color bootie.

Here is a sampling of some booties:

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