December 22, 2006

December: A month without knitting

I know that you all would like to see some progress on knitting, but it just ain't gonna happen. It seems while everyone else is gearing up and frantically producing knitwear for relatives, I go on a knitting vacay. I am of the very strong opinion that only persons who truly appreciate hand knit items should receive them as gifts. And who would appreciate a knitted item more than myself? No one-that's who. So I knit mainly for myself, with a garment or two thrown in for the hubby. All though on the occasion that a knitted item is requested from me, I am deliriously happy to knit away until my fingers fall off. Ergo, no knitted items as gifts this Christmas. Unless you count the scarf for my brother, and really as I knitted that last year and am just now getting around to giving it-it doesn't count.

So, instead of frenzied, haphazard knitting that would likely result in a form of rage followed by throwing my needles on the ground then stomping on them then picking up the pieces and crying hysterically-I opt not to knit in December. Instead I hoard patterns.

My best friend, the genius and true friend she is, gave me a gift card to Borders*, which as some of you may know, you can now spend online at Joy of Joys! So, I happily went online and ordered knitting books. (I mentioned which books this previously this month.)

My brother came down from Virginia and let me give him a selection of gifts for him to choose to give to me. Of course, I chose more knitting books. Very soon I will be the owner of one or more of the following books:

I'm just thrilled to be acquiring new books. It's almost as good as getting yarn for Christmas! I'll be sure to post all about them once they are received!

*Just so you are aware of the scam that is going on with gift cards these days; There are two. The first is actual criminal activity. The second is the EXPIRATION DATE on the gift card! My card was purchased December 2nd, 2006 and will expire January 25th, 2007-not even 60 days later!

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