November 30, 2006

It's raining...

In truth, I would like to have updated more regularly this week. Unfortunately, I have done no knitting since my past explosion of FOs. Instead, I have ordered some really great Christmas, gifts online. (I love you Amazon!) I would love to brag about how great a match they are to the people I picked them out for, but they all read this blog. Like book I bought for....oh what that person reads this blog too. Or the movie I bought for...dang, that person MIGHT read this blog. But I can definitely talk about the scarf I've been posting pictures of right? Because, it's already been posted about right? Except there's that been there done that quality to scarf blogging. I could tell you about the Hubby's gifts, because we all know he doesn't read the blog anymore, but Sci-Fi and cartoon movies just don't seem to have a big following.

HOLD THE PHONE! There is one gift I can discuss on the internet. The gift I bought for me! I bought my second leather jacket with most of my Christmas budget. (We try to keep Christmas small and about more than just presents.) I have needed a brown leather jacket since I started my Brown Is The New Black phase. And I didn't want the exact same style as my black one. Plus this one has ties, which I'm not all that big on, because it tends to wrinkle the jacket around my waist. However, I don't think it's a style that goes out of fashion quickly. So, I'm hoping it will be long lasting and it should for as much as it costs. The jacket was on sale from $300 down to $130. Do I really think anyone would pay $300 for a jacket? No. When we got home and realized that they forgot to remove the anti-theft tag, so I called them back and they took another ten percent off. Almost $14 more dollars for making me drive back. And no, I have no idea how ten percent from a $129.99 jacket is almost $14, but that's what the return slip says and I'll Take that extra dollar thankyouverymuch. I am really enjoying getting discounts just by asking. It's my new thing. Watch out Clark Howard here I come!

We did not include the new shoes (similar) or pants (pictured earlier this week with Cathode) I also bought while shopping because those are "work clothes." Therefore, they don't have to come out of the Christmas budget. *pats self on back* Sneaky me. That leaves more money for knitting books and yarn!

Also, anyone needing to destash themselves prior to the Christmas hoarding, I will certainly take your donations. (Just give me the damn pitchfork already. It matches my horns and tail.)

P.S. No, our tree doesn't lean to one side. That's the photographer's fault. It also needs ornaments, but I'm in no big hurry to put up more breakable cat toys.

P.P.S. I'm sorry for all the parathesis. I love them and can't control myself.

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