August 7, 2006

Stitch Markers

The Hubby and I are so wrapped up in the not-a-baby-suprise that I have not had much time to knit after work. I do get a little done at work-ONLY 4 hours-which makes me not want to knit at home. Though, I should prolly use up as much of that time as possible now, as my job runs out in two weeks. That's right, two fridays from now I will be unemployed again. I keep telling M that my inability to keep a job is a sign from God that I should be a stay at home mom minus the kids part for now. Need I even say that he's not going for it?

So the evenings are filling up with other projects, like laying around eating cake and getting too much sleep. Did you know too much sleep will make a person cranky. Trust me on this one. I've tried. So, this past weekend I had to come up with other activities to keep me from sleeping. I went to visit my mother.

After a horrendous drive through Monsoon season in Gwinnett County, I arrived soaked to the bone at the parents. (A tale so chilling that to tell it in this post doesn't even do it justice. It deserves it's own post.) Then we scrapbooked. I am up to date through April of last year, meaning I got Leslie's wedding done. Which reminds me-Leslie, if you have any good Bride and Groom shots or even just Bride shots that you can spare or that I could scan in I'd love a copy. Right now I have a "filler picture" (M's words) of the Groom not in wedding attire. Got that? Need more wedding photos of you STAT.

The best part of the weekend with my mother, however fun scrapbooking is, was searching through my mother's beads to make beaded stitch markers while watching the Pirates of Penzance. Check out Sheep in the City's blog for a tutorial.

This was a blast. All stitch markers are displayed on a size five needle in order of preference. I love the fish markers. L-O-V-E them. I love the random colors. I love the dangly jiggle to the sepreate pieces. I love that my mother describes them not as facing up, but rather as trying to catch the bits of food. So endearing. My mother likes the pink and purple markers best, because they have the most sparkle and least amount of metal showing. That's her main qualifaction-the amount of sparkly. She's too girly for words and I love it about her. The Gold and Black are the boys favorites (Dad and Hubby). They are rather dashing, but I'm not sure how well they'll stand out again my usually dark yarns.

I highly recommend this exercise for anyone who is in a knitting funk. Make or buy some flashy markers and slip them onto your work whether you need them or not and watch as you fly through the stitches to get to the next marker.

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Leslie said...

STAT, huh? OK, Dr. Jen I will pull a few aside and when I see you next we can get the ones that you like copied. How's that?

I love the fish!! I have those on my work lanyard. I need to plan a trip, I know, but you know around birthday time parentals have right of way :)

Talk to you soon, Leslie