August 1, 2006

Flowers and Yarn

This weekend went great.

Saturday: Grandma loved the two dozen colorful roses and card we got here from Walmart for less than $15.00. Simialr to the one on te right, but add purple, white and two toned red and yellow flowers. They add bright and cheer to a room for woman who lives alone. She loved that the Hubby picked out the card. He did good. She was thrilled with the jar of homemade seedless blackberry jelly we gave her. It's her favorite kind. I know, if we keep giving it away-one also went to the Landlord for fixing some plumbing issues- we won't have any left. No knitting was done.

Sunday: We picked enough berries to make a full recipe this time, enough for 8 more jars! I'm actually out of jelly jars and had to borrow some from my mother. The in-laws came up to do us a favor. I won't speak of it right now in order not to jinx it. Should this event occur, I will have lots more to post about.

Knitting did occur, I am about 3 inches into the back half of Cloud. I'm not real sure of the color fastness of My knitpicks yarn as it is rubbing off on my bamboo needles and fingers, but it is so yummy to work with. My hands are loving me. I would like to finish the back and be ready for the collar soon. I'd set a date, but as soon as deadlines are set, they are typically broken.

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