August 12, 2006

Some weekend knitting and a WARNING!!!

Just a little knitting up date for your weekend.

Starting with the Cloud Vest I promised myself that I would finish for M before I started my new job. If you're wondering about the difference in armhole lengths, let me just say I don't know.

I am writing the pattern for this as I go, so there will be lots of little boo-boos I'm sure. I thought I that I compared the armhole lengths against one another, but apparently I did not do it very well. Also the stripes on the front will not match at the shoulders with the ones on the back. We watched the movie again and saw that neither did the character's stripes, so I am getting away with that one. Also, I am worried that the neck hole will be too small. Not that he'll ever zip it all the way up, but he might and my errors might be found out.

I am letting Celia sit to the side as the yarn subsitution bothers. :(

When I am trying to not start on Poppy (see here), until I finish Cloud. I did cast on a swatch to see gauge and stuff, but I've already ripped it, so it doesn't count.

WARNING!!! If you have a sensitive consitution do not read or scroll down any farther.

Dear readers, all two of you, this weekend post will have a slightly gresome end. Friday morning we noticed both the cats staring intently under the dishwasher. We weren't real concerned as whatever it was wouldn't live long. It would either die at the paws of the cats or of starvation. Either way, it was prolly only a bug or something, we thought to ourselves. The cats are allowed* into the basement at night now, which on occasion has produced a dead mouse or two. But so far, no varmint has ever passed into our living space.

M had to work late last night, a rare event, but when it does happen it's always very late. (He got home at midnight.) Therefore, I took the vehicle home and began the evening chores, like letting the dog out. PoPo is always very grateful when we come home, so there is a little spoiling to be done on her. I took off my shoes, set down my bags, walked past the hall and put the mail on the table. I rummaged in the fridge and did the What will we eat tonight? dance. I noticed the cats were not still staring under the dishwasher. Looking around the house I saw it. The dead mouse I had walked past in my bare feet. I had almost treaded ON it with MY BARE FOOT! After I picked it up with a plastic baggy to throw awat, it occured to me that we are very lucky PoPo didn't eat it. Who knows how long it laid there and after all she did eat some scotch tape that morning.

*By allowed I mean that Nigel has learned to open the door, but thankfully only does so at night.

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Teri said...

I hate to say it, but that is too funny! I can only imagine the look of horror on your face when you noticed it! Thank God you have two hunters indoors, otherwise it could have ended up in your shoes!! LOL! Love ya girl!