August 10, 2006

Like I said before...

Things I will add to my ever growing list of "Wants"

This VERY orange Knit kit from kpixie

The Erin Sweater in color 112: Riddler (I was very confused about this pattern at first. When my subscription to "the Wool Ray" came in and advertised this collection, but I found an archive from Sweetgeorgia's site, who made the Willow Jacket two years ago. Dang it! Now I want to make that one too! Yes, we all know how behind the times I am.) But goodness, the cost-$12.00 a skein?! I need at least 7 skeins. How does one go about subsitiuting a yarn they've never seen? Could I use Aurora which is 3.5 sts per 1" on size ten needles when Ribbon Twist is 2 sts per 1" on size 17 needles?

Cherish in color 304: Cord

Leaf charms for more stitch marker making.

Some cheap AV allegra yarn for AV's Spring '05 patterns. (Shuddup!)

Finally, for my precious PoPo who could care less about the rain and being cold as long as she's outside, but whose mother thinks she needs to be clothed.

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