August 23, 2006

Finally, some knitting progress.

I haven't had much to do at the new job, so I've made some progress on Poppy. While I think the variegation in the yarn is absolutely yummy and the pattern is a ball to knit, I'm not so sure those two things should be combined. Those points noted, I have decided to keep on knitting to establish my true opinion. Because when in doubt continue knitting. Here's some photos of the progress so far. Please let me know what you think about Poppy (and not about the crappy photography). Click for larger horrbile photos.

So if I decide that I don't really love this pattern I may go for using this yarn on oh, soot I can't find the project. It was a very simple sleeveless shirt that used multi-colored yarn. The pattern was for sale by a thin, black woman who was raising money for herself (or possibly for her dog to have surgery)**. Tons of people knitted it and I can't find her blog again. Anybody know what I'm talking about? Anywho, should I decided to redo this top in a solid color and designate this yarn for a "more suitable" project that would be the one.

Maya says: Why bother worrying about knitting a sleeveless top for the summer when you can just lay on the AC vent? Though, I was not successful in photographing her actually laying on the vent, you can see the farthest proximity she will get from it here.

Nigel on the other hand says: Shirts should be extra roomy for all the good snacks life brings along? (Nigel's an optimist, who spends most of his time in the kitchen and showing you where his food bowl is.)

Next up: Tomorrow the BIG NEWS is announced.

**Y'all I searched for like 45 minutes for this stupid pattern. You don't even want to know the length of searches I googled. So I went to get a seven-layer cookie as a break. While eating I decided that I prolly originally found it on one of my regular visited blogs and that I should prolly just go hunt throught those. But, that my friends is LARGE prgoject. I narrowed it down to the most likely canidates, i.e. the one's whose style I found most similar to that type project. All I have to say? Thank God for the picture albums of FOs. I found it on Knit and Tonic, whose blog somehow is not listed on the side bar. Anywho, go over there and check it out.

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