June 2, 2006

Whaddya think? (Editted)

The other template was getting a little old and somehow all the effects were wearing thin. So I've opted for this new simpler template.. Which I' m not totally in love with to tell you the truth, but I can always change the colors easily enough.

I've also wanted to change the title and tagline of this blog, which has become more knitting and pet related than anything else. I feel that in addition to the new look, the site needs a better description. I'm all for a great pun or a stupid play on words possibly involving the word "needling." However, what I'd really like is a more accurate representation of what piddly things I discuss here.

Tell me which you liked better or if you think any changes need to be made to this new look. I'm open to suggestions.

P.S. Changing my mind is nothing new to me, my hair changes at least every 6 months. Want further proof I am whack? Look how many projects I have on the needles.


becky said...

Very nice!

Leslie said...

I like the colors, but your title is covered by the blogger box for searching. Maybe it's just my computer??!!