May 11, 2006

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I had great plans of tons of knitting this week, but alas PAIN has thwarted me. Everytime I pick up the knitting needles my hands seem to invoke PAIN. I type all day at work, but My hands don'e hurt when I come home to type. So why must my hands hurt to knit. I was very careful on the weasley sweater to knit loosely. (Trust me this takes massive amount so concentration and very little tv watching from me.) They don't hurt as MUCH when I work on saxon braid, but I believe that is due to the movement of using the cabling needle. The good news is last night I got three repeats of the saxon braid done! yippee!

In other knitting news, I thought I would love making this very simple ruffle scarf. But a row of garter stitch followed by a row of increasing every stitch is getting to be a drag. 800 stitches of a drag. I've got one more row of increases to do and then a row of garter and it's done. I just can't bring myself to do it. Oh well, I guess its not a huge loss right now as I can't knit anyway.

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