April 8, 2006

Photo Proof of Progress

I was told by the husband today that I "needed to catch up on some knitting," which as all you wives and girlfriends know was code for: "Please go do something you like, so that I won't get in trouble for goofing off with my hobby." In this case, Warcraft. Sadly, even though we KNOW this trick, it works everytime. Because really, who is going to say, "NO! We have to get started on our chores during the first hours of our weekend." Who will say these things especially, when it's raining and all you feel like doing it sitting with your hobby and a warm cup of [insert fluid/drink of your choice here]. Not me that's for sure and certainly not Maya who only wants me to sit and knit, sot hat she may find a soft lap to lay on for hours, or until I can no longer hold my bladder. Besides, there are plenty of projects that are beggin me to start them and plenty of old projects that are begging me to finish them...I'm a slow knitter. I'm fine with this. I know one day I will be a fast knitter. It might even come sooner, if i not only actually read and followed the directions, but read books/watched videos on how to knit. Turns out there's this whole other way of knitting with my left hand and not my right, that seems to make a ton more sense. I first read about it in Little Women, I think, when Joe gets scolded for her "German" knitting, and decideds to practice it only in secret. I could be wrong about the book, at the time I was in middle school and while I was knitting (scarves), neither speed nor style mattered, so I may have glossed over what German knitting was. (Can you end a sentence in was? Oh well, I'm doing it now.) However, that would require me to reteach myself how to knit and having done this with purling (go around the top not the bottom so that the stitch "lays" correctly), I know that it's slow progress. And as I stated earlier, I'm a slow knitter. I don't think I need to be any slower.

But, just so you don't think that I haven't done anything, I am posting some updated pics of WIP (Works in Progess) and frogged pieces.

First up we have Leaf. Leaf and I are slowing making headway. This is my first full sized garment and I had to make some alterations to the pattern so that it would not be to big for me. The smallest size fit a 34" chest and I'm more around a 31". It has been a learning experience. I have completed the back and am halfway through the front. Wanna see in all it's unblocked glory? I'm sure you do.

Second we have my Gift Scarf. One repeat takes about one hour. I said I was slow people! It's black so it's a little hard to photograph. It made with a relatively cheap, microspun yarn that I L-O-V-E!! It's like butta on my fingers. I can see how someone who is a tight knitter may not like it though. It does have a tendancy to split.
Here I have done about six repeats, with oh so much cabling. The pattern is only 16 lines and about 40 stitches, including my reverse stockette background, I am slow and don't always follow directions...But I won't show the parts where I messed up and refused to back track any more. I am hoping the recieptant won't care all that much. Though, now that I think about it, he/she is a prefectionist. DOH! Instead I will show you the wonderful bits that are perfect-

And last but not least, my soon to be frogged and reknit Vanessa's Boa. It's so sad, but I just don't have enought to make it a descent length boa for a three year old.

And there we have it people. My current works up to date. Hopefully, a completed project is in my future. (Rather than starting another project, such as the Weasley Sweater.)

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