December 23, 2005

i am going to be kicked out of the club**

I really don't know how people manage to sit down at the computer everyday and write an actualy entry for their blogs. i really don't. however, in my defense, there is 1) Christmas in two days and much shopping was done, not online 2) i was working like a madman on the baby showergift for my co-worker on the 7th of next month 3) the dog needs attention 4) umm... did i mention i was working like a house elf to see the end of the project I giving away...

the gift is crocheted instead of knitted, so i believe that if i attended any knitters clubs, instead of just pretending i am in one with my imaginary knitting bloggers that i consider friends, my lisense to knit would be revoked. maybe they'll let me off with just a warning, because the booties are knitted and it took me more than a month to get my mother on the computer to email her recipe for the perfet booties. everyone always oohhhs and aaahhhs over her hand made booties. i figure that i can do the same-surely the mother receiving them won't notice that their only similar sizes instead of exactly the same...yes....i tell myself that i will knit another booty that matches, but that i must first finish the actual project before the baby is born. but we all know this is a lie, because i am not a perfectionist. see my first attempt at a quilt if you need proof. Heck! see the consistancy of using the shift key in this paragraph. inconsistancy adds style, flare if you will. no one would dare view it as apathetic. sure...

until then gratuitous shots of my most recent "work"-prehaps if i call it that because so it will seem more like art, than a cheap gift. it is a nweborn robe for a baby boy. i swear the yarn in the pattern didn't look so pink.

baby robes apparently, are a lot bigger than they appear. the "right" side is only half walf complete and no sleeves have been added...must work faster to finish by the 7th. you may ooohhh and aaahhh over the up close deatil. i'm proud.


When i first made them, them seemed too small, after all tehy are knitted on a size 2 needle, otherwise known as something the thickness of a bamboo skewer. ha! skewer....moving on...

NO the sheet in the above picture is not wet. it's acamera shadow. no really it is. now the hat was tricky. i followed the directions to the letter. i have no idea why it is so lumpy. but as we have covered before i am not a perfectionist. and the ladies at work who have previewed items in the making, and the live model i have, Zaney-Waney, had no complaints. only oodles of womanly coos.

Nigel believes that Link has had far too much blog time and has inserted himself into this one. "oh, Mommy, what is this? it is good to knead?"

"Can i be any cuter? oh, too bad, i'm still mad at you for giving Link his own entries and me none. " bad mommy.

**this headline is prolly stolen from some other cleverer writer than myself.

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