November 2, 2005

why is it?

Q: why is it so much better to read everyone else's post instead of typing my own?

A1: I don't know maybe reading other people's blogs makes me feel like I actually have friends in the area.

A2. because i'm too lazy to actually type about the things that are going on in my life.

A3. Crafts are fun and typing is laborious. i'd rather be make something-preferably with a glue stick!

Q: why must my computer chew up and spit out the new ram i bought it-forcing me to use a spare profile on M's lappy?

A1. my computer thinks it fun to shut down in the middle of large projects suddenly and make loud breeps, yes breeps, while crashing.

A2. the computer knows that i married a computer guy and is trying to stay up graded to the latest fashion after years in the dark.

A3. The motherboard and/or processor is dying and taking everything with it. Take that you scallywag!

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