November 2, 2005

"He's bustin' out!"

to qoute my husband after viewing the bundle of joy that frequents our office in the baby sweater i knitted. the 1st non-square thing i've ever knitted. ahem, ahem.

I must say it turned out very well, even if Zane's awfully cute fat rolls didn't fit into it. that's okay, we'll forgive him, but only if he lets us tickle his chubby little lovehandles. and no, one foot is not backwards as husband thought. he just has on one shoe and one booty. babies are hard to keep shoes and socks on man! i don't know how they do it, as their body movement is pretty much random, but some how those toes worm out of those socks. it's amazing.

oh hello! you hansome thing, you!

Next up i make matching fuzzy booties. i love the lulu yarn (pictured as the blue/green yarn here) you can't make mistakes with it!

also i'm throwing in a picture of the blazing cupcake Robin and I made for a co-worker's birthday. i think we fit something like twenty+ candles on it. I'm looking at it to make sure that it doesn't catch anything afire.

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