November 25, 2005


Ahhhhh, HP. Yes, my friend and I did dress up to see it. Yes, I will post the pictures after i have receive them back from the processing lab.

On a totally different note: We have a third cat. No, I do not want another animal, but a stray grey tabby showed up at our house looking so pitiful, covered in her (Ii have yet to see any testicles) own feces and so sweet (she lets us pet her and would, rub up against us, if you let her stanky bottom near your leg). Today I picked up the dewormer. Monday she will go to the vets for a full exam and bath. I really don't know what to do with her at night it gets so cold here at night, but I dare not let her into the garage. Not because I am a cruel person, but because her butt just oozes poop, coating her tail and legs, at all times. She has no control over it and our garage includes a carpeted stairway. I do not want to spend time hunting down poop to clean off the carpet. I'll attach a picture her and you all can see her cuteness.

We had been calling her "Muddy Butt," however, we felt that it was not appropriate and instead have been refering to her as "Maggie" now.


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Emma said...

I love Harry Potter. Thanks for helping me escape the stress of my workday with a chat about the future of Mr. Potter. I'm thinking I could marry him and we could live happily ever after at Hogwarts. I'll be a dorm mother or something.