August 15, 2005

no i will not capitalize my proper nouns.

nor use proper spelling, grammar, punctionation, verb tense or any form of sentance structure for that matter. beware! split infinitives and incomplete sentences ahead!

as this is the first blog i've done ever, i feel it is necessary to clarify these things. i just finished writing a thesis so i have no intention of using those well honed skills and instead perfer to let them slip into oblivion. this is just so that you, the most insanely bored to be reading this reader, have a point of reference. and as it turns out when you get a masters degree there is actually no use for you to continue in you specified field. appearantly, just having one makes you over qualified for every job opportunity and shunned from society. am i bitter? you betchya. instead i sell furntiure. the up side? my house looks great.

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