August 16, 2005

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

so i am a total geek. i never ment to be that way. but i started dating geeks cause they were just so cute and now i becoming one. for example i was reading yahoo news and came upon this article i thought was cool, which prompted me to search it on the web. when i actually began to read the post, found a commentor had suggested this keyboard instead, which i though was much cooler. alright, so i'm not so geeky i can speed type without looking at the keyboard, but i actually understood the "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" joke in Maxwolf's post. if you don't get that i'm not explaining it to you.

also i actually visited a website that had the words "WoW," " zone," and "patch" in them, because i was looking at a HP online game. the horrors of the levels i will sink to.

can geeks have a redneck factor? we just purchased a new vehicle and that was mighty scary. my husband, M's, requirement? that it be a truck, because he's tired of stinking up the inside of the blazer for the 15 mminutes it takes him to drop off the trash. my requirement was that it fit a family of four plus a pitbull. so we have a massive truck. i'm sorry for all you people who think i'm supporting terrorism with my gas hogging vehicle. well i'm not. M's got to get to work somehow. besides i recycle.

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russell said...

hahah. well jen. it's russell. now that u have made a blog i can leave little annoying comments after each of yer posts! and my grammar has descended into new depths as well. only on sunny days when the breeze is nice will i bother to type "you" when i could instead type u. yes, laziness is great.