September 17, 2011

Sock Blanket Saturday

My friend Amy gave me a skein of trekking to wind for her and in return her let me knit up a square for my sock blanket.  I've never knit with trekking before, so it was fun.  


This particular yarn is Trekking hand art in colorway  'Karibik,' #503 for those of you who want to know.  At quite a normal blend (75% wool & 25% nylon) for fingering yarn, it knitted up to a 4.25 x 4.25 square which is a pretty normal size.  Still there was something about it that feel like a skinnier than normal yarn.  That's not a complaint, just an observation.

I haven't posted a group picture of my squares in a while, so here you go-straight from my bed this morning before Mr. Turbo realized I was awake and handed Lil Turbo over to me.

I love my knitted color wheel.

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