August 6, 2011

Sock Blanket Saturday

I purchased two 50 gram balls of stroll multi.  One you read about glanced at a picture of last week and the other you'll play Where's Waldo with in the following photo.  They call the colorway "sunset multi,"  I like to think of if more as "pine blonde."

I think the one thing that this square confirms to me, besides the fact that I will never be a professional photographer, is that I will never be a designer.  I've like to say that I'm as chic as they get, but my track record just provides too much evidence to the contrary.  I will be forever doomed to knit camouflage.  OH well, at least everything will match.

1 comment:

Little Miss Drama Pants said...

Every time you gravitate to a color, you should ask yourself if something large in your house is already that color. :)