August 1, 2011

Baby Booties

As it would happen, an old high school friend is pregnant with a baby girl and she dislikes the color pink, which means that I could use the Stroll Multi leftovers to knit her up a present. 

Even the family dog approves.

 These booties are based on a couple patterns found in 50 Baby Booties to Knit, by Zoe Mellor.  I primarily used her "Daisy Lace Bootee" pattern.  However, I determined early on that these absolutely had to be ribbed cuff.  Anything else is useless, I know from experience.  So that's mod one.

I had fun purchasing more ribbon for my ribbon stash.  How do I not have any off-white gros grain ribbon?!  Ribbon curling technique found here and here.

 The pansy multi booties have my second mod.  I wasn't real impressed with the daisy lace pattern on the first pair, so I looked through my vogue stitchionary (vol 1) to find a new foot pattern to show off the color changes in the yarn.

and their machine washable.

Using up leftovers, destashing and an awesome gift all at once?! Score!

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