April 9, 2011

Sock Blanket Saturday

We interrupt this Sock Blanket Saturday for A Missing Cat Alert.  My cat Maya escaped the premises yesterday morning.  We are looking as best we can for her.  Neighbors are on high alert, I left my phone number with the mailman and I've called the humane society.  She is microchipped, so I am hoping someone will catch her and get her scanned at a vet's or shelter and we can be contacted.

She was an indoor cat with all the amenities a cat could want.  I got her another cat when I moved into my first apartment, so that she wouldn't be alone all day while I was  in class.

I was sure they would get along famously...
Regardless, she's been so happy since Nigel died. It was like she loathed his existence or something.

This was the closest they were ever captured on film.

And I let her rule my lap time.  It's not like I tortured her or anything.

Really she was just assisting with a photo shoot.  I wasn't really bagging her up.

I spent quality time with her ensuring necessary attitude adjustments when necessary.

We put put the best cat food around and picked up anything she might try to snack on so that she never ingested anything toxic.

And we gave her regular baths to help with hygiene.

I really don't know why she was so desperate to get outside.

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Little Miss Drama Pants said...

I hope you find her soon! It's a horrible feeling to lose a pet, even when it's of their own doing.