December 31, 2010

Monster Longies

My friend Amy and I went yarn shopping together a while back.  While we were there, I acquired enough Cascade for a pair of Das Monster pants (rav).  That was my first mistake.  I had a witness to my yarn purchase.  Secondly, I informed my friend what my intent for said yarn was instead of nonchalantly buying it "for the stash," and she was determined to keep me accountable.

At first she and I were on the level and we both rode the fiber high of new yarn.  So I was okay with the excited questions of "Have you started yet?"  But as it happens with all stash enchancements, the new yarn smell wears off and I was left searching Ravelry for a new fix.

Until I saw Amy again and she would innocently mention that if I didn't get started soon, Lil Bit "might just grow out of them before I even started", which I admit was also a fear of mine.  There was also the issue of practically nonexistent southern winters encroaching on the amount of time which he might be able to use wool pants.

So this past week, instead of burrowing under a pile of blankets and only coming out to feed Lil Bit, I knit up a very Ernie reminiscent pair of Monster Longies completely unintentionally.

First Ernie, in all his 1970's glory:

Second, Lil Bit's monster longies:


Lainey said...

I love these!!! Warm and snug, perfect for the cold up there!!!

Amy said...

Glad I could help shove you rather obstinately toward the path of completing said super cute baby pants.

I love these. I love the Ernie face.

And now O's little butt won't be cold!

turtlegirl76 said...

How cute! What, no modeled shots?