August 15, 2009

Delightful PoPo

I have plans for another PoPo sweater. Cabled delight (rav link). I am hoping that the huge gauge of this yarn will make up for the fact that the pattern is for purse dogs.

I'd really like to use my leftover cream/natural ecowool as trim detailing and the gorgeous plum that I recently picked up at a not so local LYS when I visited Turtlegirl in Charlotte months ago.

But I'm not so sure that I have enough cream/natural for a trim. If you have any scraps, I'd love to take them off your hands.

Can you say no to this face?


Jackie said...

Yay dog pictures!!!

Knitting by Leah said...

Does the cream/natural color yarn have a dye lot number? If it does, the leftover yarn scraps may be a little hard to find.