February 24, 2009

eating up my time

I haven't been around much. I've been working lots of twelve hours days. There is knitting going on very slowly, but there is also this:

The new washing machine, which as you can see is already in use. It totally amazes me. I sat and watched the a 43 minute cycle in wonder and I'm not alone. The hubby sat right next to me. We both watched the entire duration of laundry without talking. The fact that this machine has a door on the front(!), uses 100x less water than the old machine and barely make a peep gives me the good kind of chills.

Oop! I hear the timer for the last load. I must attend to the machine.


grace said...

This is me being totally jealous! I love front loading washers.

Jackie said...

You are so funny. When Scott bought his condo, it came with a front loader, and I'd never really seen one in action before. So, I talked him into letting me have a laundry machine "party" and I put glow sticks and bath toys in it, and we sat there in the dark with popcorn, for the full hour watching the glow sticks swirl. It was so kick ass. I even took a movie, I wonder if I still have it... :)