July 10, 2008

Have you seen TURBOchic?

Where o' where have I been?

Was I visiting Alice down the rabbit hole? No. Fortunately, I have not had any LSD induced hallucinations involving oversized talking animals and maniacal rules hell bent on death. (I go to the movies for that.)

Did I forget to come back from vacation? I wish. I really do think my life calling could be a paid vacation.

Perhaps I was just away from the computer so as to reenergize my ability to have witty monologues with my virtual friends? Sadly friends, I am just this insane all the time. Really, if you could make it through just one day in my life and go back to your own-you'd be patting yourself on the back for just how much smarter you are than the average bear. Last week, I nailed the back of my hand, by putting it in the way of the falling vacuum cleaner, because my brain came up with the a brilliant idea to "catch" a 40 lb vacuum cleaner by letting it land on the back of my hand. I am by no means exaggerating the thought process in my brain here. large object falling? Insert hand. Sometimes, I think writing the thesis sucked up all the good brain cells. Other times, I think I am becoming dumber the longer I am separated from the real world. Either way I am SOL.

In actuality, I have been knitting in extremely sparse moments due to life's other *coughcough*reroofingsheds*cough* activities *coughcough*watersealingporches*cough* which really haven't proven to be good for conversation or for good blogging for that matter. Oh look, I knit 5 stitches today after several hours of laundry. Boy, was that stinky! What'd you do this weekend?

Also, my personal work camera was "confiscated" by another department for a "few days." I am the bigger person here and can be gracious enough to let my personal blog suffer. Although I was very tempted to have a "blackout" post where I actually posted black squares as pictures and gave a "woe is me" narrative about having to share "my" camera.

So there you have it my very lame excuse for disappearing from the knitblogging scene. Feel free to email me pics of your FOs for me to post as my own.


elizabeth said...

If I had any FOs to share, I would!

Sometimes life gets in the way and we all need to step back from the blog, or whatever, until we get the mojo back. Hope your hand's okay!

Samantha said...

YEAH! So excited I can read your blog again...