May 7, 2008

Those Filthy Englishmen

"You know in England, they have sheep in their closets."- My Mom

"...and behind their sofas"-My Mom a few minutes after I stopped laughing from the first comment.

Excuse me while I clean up the drink that just came out of my nose....

Ah, my mom. Sometimes she says things that will push all my buttons and other times she has the best way of phrasing things. The above quotes came about in a conversation with my mother about the following yarn prOn.

This Regia Nation yarn (#5399) made an especially bit hit after The Harlot announced it on her blog which of course, caused the interwebs sell out of it. I was one of the masses scouring for it. JP gave me a couple good links on where to find it, but I just couldn't justify spending as much on the shipping as I was on the yarn for 2 skeins of yarn (about $15.00) and waiting on restocking in some cases.

So I searched some more. I came up with the Web of Wool, which you'll notice is located in the UK if you followed the link. Yes, my friends it was cheaper to buy sock yarn across the pond and have it shipped to me across the ATLANTIC OCEAN and pay an currency exchange fee than it was to buy it in my home country.

Of course there was a wait for customs and whatnot, but wait no more! These babies are just want I need to jump start my spring knitting. Rainbow Jaywalkers. Like I've always dreamed about.

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J.P. said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad that you found it!