October 5, 2007

VPN, SAFF, A$$: they're not all acyronms

VPN: My hubby and all his computer buddies use the term when they discuss remote desktopping their work computers from home or on the road. Truthfully, I have no idea what that term means, but I use it here, so that I sound all informed. "Remoting in" is a wonderful thing. It allows you to access another network (to which you already have a user name and password) and the computer connected to that network, while you are not sitting directly in front of it. I had been doing this at home, so I could sit in bed but still access my "remote" (as in less than fifty feet away) computer in the guest bedroom. However, for the past 4 months the guest bedroom has had a permanent resident and last month one of our wireless routers quit working on my remote computer. Ut-oh.

"But Jen, what does it all mean?" you ask.

It means my friends that you are about to get unedited, crappy pictures, because I can't crop, sharpen, dim, brighten, compress, or make any changes at all to my photos. When in doubt-quantity over quality, my friends. Welcome to blogging on the edge.

Progress on the SAFF Cardigan (which has apparently become the name for this poor garment) : The back is completed without the help of any sort of gauge. Bah! The armhole decreases where rather easy, but their severity worries me. It's just six decreases stacked one right on top of another without even a row between them. It's what the pattern says to so I am blindly following it and worrying. On flip side, the shoulder has some shaping, so hopefully I won't look like a football player. Not looking like a football player makes me happy. Also, I left the stitches on the neck to pick up for the collar on stitch holder. It didn't make a lot of sense to me for bind them off only to pick them back up again later. Behold!

Like you've never seen this before? Sick of it yet? Me too.

Maya helps with the photography shoot. She thinks everything looks better in calico. Personally, I wish she wouldn't keep sharing this opinion with me. The hair tickles my nose.

Nigel can't let Maya hog all the action and butts right in. Maya leaves immediately. To put it lightly, Maya pretty much loathes Nigel... and I thought she would like a companion when I was gone all those hours during college. My bad.
I think that I should submit this picture to La's A$$watch Wednesdays contest. It's not really a picture of Nigel's butt, but of all the things Nigel's butt touches. Kinda gross when you think about it.
And that concludes yet another thrilling installment of the SAFF cardigan (which I promise to wash before wearing it to SAFF).

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