April 27, 2007

76 days left

Where did the three months I had to work on the Weasley Sweater go? Somehow, I am left with only 2 months until my self-imposed deadline. That's only 8 weeks! How on earth will I finish this in time, when two of those weeks were supposed to be dedicated to finishing up mom's socks?

Maybe I can convince myself it's not as bad as I think. After all I do have the front 99.9% completed and more than half of the back completed. So really all that's left is sleeves, half a back and a collar. Surely, I can do this.

I'll just line it up with one of M's sweater's I am using for proportions, to see how I'm fairing. (No I did NOT pick out this hideous sweater. The Hubby did that all by himself after my *subtle* hints that a wardrobe typically consisted of more than black, brown, navy and forest green. Yellow, any shade of blue or green other than navy or forest green, and all purples are considered "gay" colors. And yes, I am completely aware that only hunters should ever wear this color, but the Hubby apparently is not. Don't ask me, I don't understand it either.)

See doesn't it look almost finished. Just a little more to add to the shoulders and I can move onto the sleeves. But wait, did the directions say something about once finished with the neckline shaping continue knitting the shoulders to match the length of the back? I'm supposed to have the back completed?

No problem, I'll just put the shoulder on stitch holders until I complete the back. Now, that collar looked a little low in the first shot, so I'll just schooch it up a bit; Remember that I may be adding a few rows to the shoulders prior to casting off. *grumble, grumble as I flip over sweater an rearrange everything.*

First, I'll unroll the arm holes to see if everything is wide enough. Check! You may notice that the arm holes look a little, ummm, large? This is okay because I have added a selvage stitch to each side, because I was unsure of wear the sleeves would attach. Now can just seam up the side to the proper place where the sleeves start. *pats self on back for having some foresight*

Second, eyeball the neckline for accuracy? Check! The neckline is lining up nicely. It may look a little low, but it's missing it's collar and it's being compared against a sweater that has one. *more pats on back*

Moving down the body of the sweater, does everything seems to be wide enough? Check! The sweater is measuring about 38" wide, which is approximately 2 inches slightly smaller than Hubby at the shoulders, but he's a thin guy. We don't want this to swallow him whole, not do we?

At which we arrive at the bottom hem. Er, check? It's complete that's for sure, but why is it shorter than the comparison sweater? I have no idea and I refuse to believe that I started the neck line too soon. So, the sweater must have magically shrank some time in the past year. BUT WAIT! I still have rows to add to the shoulders that should lengthen it up some. I will ignore any change this will make to the neckline. I don't have time to worry about it...

...because I still have two 24 inch sleeves to knit. That's alotta sleeve. Good thing I ordered 5 more balls of yarn.

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