March 4, 2007

Birthday Celebrations

First of all thanks for all the warm well wishes by blogger, phone, email, facebook, snail mail, and in person! It really means a lot to me to be told happy birthday by my friends. I can literally count my blessings! My weekend at home with Mom and Dad was great.

My friends and family spoiled me rotten. I got a super haul this year, but somehow missed out on a cake. Ha!

The Hubby made me my special request meal. It looks very bland, but don't let that fool you. It's got a Tablespoon of cayenne pepper in very little liquid in it. Delicious!

My Grandfather bought me this:

Though, he doesn't know it yet. He'll find out in his Thank You card. I have been wanting one of these for a while, but could not bring myself to spend $40.00 on a cheap piece of plastic. However, it wasn't my money so I spoiled myself and supported my local yarn shop at the same time. It's so much fun to use. I'm tempted to wind up some yarn cakes from factory center pull balls. And if you really want to get your husband interested in you knitting, let him crank the ball winder, even though the reason you bought it was so that YOU could wind the yarn into fun little cakes.

My parents bought me this all the way from France:

They also don't know it yet and will find out when the thank you card comes. I already own the book, but made a deal for the yarn. Yes the shipping was outrageous, but I am falling back on my shopaholic excuse again-"I wasn't spending my own money, so it doesn't really matter." Dad also changed the oil and air filter on my car as little present, that way I can carry my yarn purchases home safely.

The MIL, FIL and SIL got me a ton of Louet yarn from Pieces of String, which ironically they did know about when they sent the money. They wrote on the checks: this is for more yarn. Do they know me or what? As an added bonus from them , I will get to wind tons of yarn with my ball winder. One day I will splurge again and buy a swift. I am planning on knitting fair isle top from my Debbie Bliss book. I find that Louet yarn substitute well for Debbie's (yes, were on a first name basis) cashmerino in any weight. Louet may be a little less expensive depending on where you buy it, but it is advertised as machine washable and dryable. I figure that's an ABSOLUTE when it comes to baby clothes.

Of course I didn't take a picture last time.
Lastly, but not least my protege, who has been slacking on her knitting duties, gave me a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. You can't buy yarn there in case you were wondering. So, instead I bought something scandalous--100% cotton underwear. Right as I was walking out, I contemplated returning the underwear for a pair of pajama pants. I know, your shocked. It's not yarn.

Just so you're not completely thrown off by non yarn purchases. Here's second sock progress. I cast on while I still had the fever from finishing the first sock. (Insert a glorious photos of my feet with socks.)

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