September 24, 2006

Bad Weather

The chance of thunderstorms is like 100% today-ALL DAY. It's a curl up with your knitting and hot drink under a huge comforter day. Possibly even sit in bed and read with a cup of steaming drink day. Or if your a little more nerdy, it's a sit in bed and play Harry Potter video games with your hubby all day, but I would never be that nerdy.

It rained all night and lightening even broke a tree in our yard. I would post you a picture, but it's depressing. I am not in a depressed mood, nor do I want to put anyone else in that mood. Instead, I am oh so happy that a New Person commented. Go read her blog.

Therefore in my happiness, I will leave you all with a little picture that will brighten you day. (Unfortunately is is not more snouty-goodness.)

Happy Knitting!


mary said...

Hey Jen, thanks for the shout out! Sorry to hear about the broken tree. Did you get far in the Harry Potter game?

Jen said...

We passed the second triwizard challenge! It was wonderful doing nothing all day with the Hubby. Thanks for asking. (And thanks for being concerned about our tree.)