August 16, 2006

What I did at work today

And no it was not the collar of Cloud, as I forgot the book that explains the tubular cast off method I want to use.

Instead I whipped up a purple pair of mittens (yes, in the summer, because I'm that weird) to match the yellow pair I was ready to send out. Please ignore the pitiful attempt to use a duplicate stitch. After you see these you will wonder how I ever managed to design the pattern for Cloud. And no, the horrible star on the right mitten was my second attempt. I should have stayed with my normal too tight stitches.

These are for play only. I cannot guarantee the weather resistance of poorly made mittens.

Oh well, the recipient is a 5 y.o. and they are made from 100 % pure acrylic. If a 5 y.o.'s standards are above that, her mother can throw them out. I promise not to be insulted.

Though, I now understand the affliction of socks. Yes, you read that correctly, affliction-like a disease. Sock knitting, I'm told, is addictive and highly infectious. The quick fix of knitting a complete project in a a day or two is highly satisfiying. Socks and mittens are drugs, which feed the pleasure center of the brain, like Ecstasy, but without the great sex.

Now I'm off to ask the Hubby what color he would like is mittens in.

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