July 7, 2006


I suppose that you all would enjoy a coherent update that actually covered interesting topics and not just random lists and pictures of my babies (pets) .

I recieved a short reply from Cat about knitting her Celia. She reported no problems with the pattern or gauge and only a few changes to the needles used. So appearantly, I am defunct. Wednesday, as I mentioned before, was my first day back at work from the long Fourth of July weekend. That's when I finally picked up my needles, throwing all caution at to the wind, and just knit the danged sleeve following the pattern exactly. I only sized the needles down one size to a set of fours, so that I could get closer to the given gauge. The final result? Close, but no cigar. It was waaaaay too long. Oopsie! So I shortened up the decreases and made the sleeve slightly less long, but still not the "suggested" length as it is now only 8 inches instead of 9. I'm hoping against hope that my freakishly long arms will make the sleeve appear shorter and, more importantly, that the raglan seams of the top will match up. The good news? I did write down the changes I made and line by line steps I followed so that the second sleeve will match the same too-long length.

This shirt may take me a while, as I haven't really been in a knitting mood, because the sewing bug has bitten me. It maybe all those new dresses, skirts, bags, and needle cases everyone is making. All of which do not help get rid of the fashion bug (TFB*) that I picked up after watching "The Devil Wears Prada." (I'm appearantly a disease ridden girl!) The movie was very cute, of course not as good as the book, but very cute all the same. I love Anne Hathaway. I rented Ella Enchanted just because she was in it.

Not to worry though, I'll beat them both with scrapbooking, which I am behind on anyway; the most recent cropping done was of my honeymoon (a year and a half ago). I did journal in my wedding albums, which is a major break through. The ink finally touched the page-finishing touches complete. ..on some pages....in the second, "more relaxed" album....and you thought it would never happen. Aha! Showed you.

*Note: Shopping doesn't help TSB. It only makes it worse. The best way to go into a shopping remission, as TSB is never really cured, is to stay away from e-bay, etsy, and all malls. And only fondle the items in the shops, but DO NOT PURCHASE. If you absolutely break down and relapse into shopping purchases for current hobbies don't count. List-making both written and on the web may help reduce the occurance of other outbreaks. Other side effects may occur, including but not limited to: uncontrollable credit card use, prefuse sweating when entering malls, setting up paypal accounts and stupid purchases for useless items on ebay.

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