July 11, 2006

Good Hair Day

Ever just had that wonderful hair day? Everyone compliments on how nice your hair looks. It could have never looked better. Why don't you style it like that all the time? they ask. Today I had that day. The Good Hair Day-Unforunately, it was prior to getting all my hair cut off.

I am a hair hacker. I never just go in for a trim. I always want something new. This need for change every six months has caused my hair to creep up over the years. Not that I mind short hair, but it's no fuss and I'm a no fuss kinda girl. But I believe this is the shortest I have gone in a long time. And that includes the perfect cut of 2001.

Somehow, I lost my old stylist. Where did she go? I don't know, but when I called to make an appointment with her on Saturday, they informed me that she was no longer at that salon. It's okay, I wasn't real attached to her anyway. So I went to the new stylist, Rachel, who cuts a co-worker's hair I liked.

When I arrived at the new salon, Myself, Rachel and Rachel's bad hair were the only ones in the joint. Bad like she had perm leftover from the eighties. The signs where not good. Thankfully, I had made it clear on the phone that I was unsure of what I wanted, so this was most definitely a hair consultation with the possiblity of a cut/dye/whatever. I told her things I wanted my hair to do: lots of styles, one cut, very little effort, shorter. For the record, if my hair can't be done with a blow dryer, goop and a brush of some sort, I don't do it. No curling irons, no flat crimpers, not curlers, nada, zip, zilch. My hair has wonderful waves that can be curled with a difuser or straightened with a "nozzle." We flipped through magazines together. Then she mentioned her hair and how she doesn't like to spend a lot of time on it, the less-than-ten-minutes- kinda-time. I felt an instant bond. This woman understands my need for quick and easy hair. Granted I don't like her hair, but she knows easy.

The result of one hour of talk and a cut? Wonderful. I can get three styles, the best one pictured here, out of one cut. It's short, out of my face and oh so easy to style. PoPo agrees. Really.


Leslie said...

Love the picture!!!!

Teri said...

It looks really good on you! I know how excited you must be for it! Although, from this picture, it appears as if PoPo is sticking her tongue out at it! (Are you positive that she loves it!) LOL! I like it a lot! (I like my cut, but don't think I could go that short!) Love ya!