May 24, 2006

Sorry, No Pictures

I believe that after I made my homage to the yellow fuzz butt (we don't want his ego getting to big), I left the digital camera on and killed the batteries. So unfortunately, I have no photos to prove my progress.

Last Friday, I finished the back of Sun Beam and have started the front (about two inches). I love knitting with D.V. yarn. It's butta on the fingers and butta when knitted all up. I'm stoked about wearing it people. Even though I don't believe I understood the directions about shaping/casting off in the shoulder and neck areas. If I have to go back it's only four rows. No biggie.

The Weasley Sweater is about 2.5 inches longer. I split it onto two round needles and tried it on the husband as he sat around shirtless playing WOW. People, this was highland wool next to bare skin. When I asked if it itched, he responded, "No. Why should it?" (Basically.) It practically itches me just knitting it! Of course, I had to pop in a movie to watch while I knitted. Which of course was HP CoS, and saw for the first time a little extra at the very end of the credits. Y'all I watch these movies at least 3 times a year, that's like one HP movie a month. And I saw this bit for the first time. I am apparently losing my obsession.

I ordered 7 skeins of yarn in hyacinth for the Cloud vest from which was super cheap and soft. This will be a pretty much guess work pattern pieced together from other sources. Should I actually work, I may actually submit it to Knitty or something. Also, I really wanted to purchase some sock yarns, but then I remembered I don't knit socks.

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